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My beard was growing too much for my liking so I decided to shave it off. About halfway through my arms got very tired so I decided to take a break. I was pleased to have divested at least half my my boat race from that itchy fungus. I will shave the rest off in October. In the meantime do you think I should change my name to Arfer, Arfer Beard?
The red spot you see on my hooter was caused by a flee that had suffered a nose bleed whilst investigating my nostrils. It was planning on setting up home in my left one. I must point out that this picture has been doctored. ......???.... Terrible ain't it? The person who doctored that must have been a quack. I had to have my good looks disfigured to make sure that my house wasn't besieged by hoards of sex happy members. .........
What's that you said Phyllis? No self respecting woman would invade my house in order to have a romp with me, not even fellas. Listen Phyllis, I was talking about the fellas.:fp:



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I like it! I might try that myself. I tend to grow a beard for a while and then shave it off as it's good for the skin. At the very least it makes you look younger. Lol