Douglas Enwright

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… I also fell off the barge outside the Shroppe Fly in Audlum just before the set of numerous locks. I floundered about thinking I was drowning before realising the water was only about 3 feet deep due to the drought :).
That’s so funny ferret x


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I might pay a visit one weekend and have a wander along the canal with the dogs, for old times sake.
Its never the same going "home" after many years... :( I grew up on the waterfront at Kurnell (where captain cook landed!), went back after ~20yrs, and didnt recognize the place. 40 odd years of good/bad memories though
Dad went back to England after 40+yrs, and a park he played in as a kid had been turned into housing, and then turned back into parkland


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I years had been from home
And now before the door
I dared not enter, lest a face
I never saw before

Stare stolid into mine
And ask my business there -
"My business but a life I left
Was such remaining there?"
- Emily Dickinson

Going back can be very hard. Sometimes it is the changes in the place, sometimes it is the changes in us.