Anybody a Beatles fan?

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Cheers Tony thanks for posting much appreciated I was always more Stones than Beatles but still have all the albums , including Sgt Peppers which I played the wag from School to buy on the release day and subsequently got detention for but it was worth it. Hopefully this will be far better than the most recent releases of movies about the Beatles . Great to see one of what was termed 5th Beatles in this case the wonderful Billy Preston keyboard player extraordinaire .


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Saw this Yesterday (there is a song there somewhere), looks very good and I am looking forward to seeing the finished product


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Good morning to one and all !!...I hope everyone is warm,safe,healthy and happy....
Cornishman......I have a claim to fame......Ring Starr's mum used to babysit me.
I am from an area in Liverpool called "The Dingle",which is where Ringo grew up.....
I have an older friend from an area in Liverpool called "Speke",who was Paul's best mate at school.
When everything is safe,and normality has returned,If anyone is ever in Liverpool I would be honoured to give them a "guided tour" of the sights and sounds of my beautiful,vibrant City.
Loads of love to each memeber,and each visitor.

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How fantastic Keith what a great story . If we ever get out of this horrendous pandemic I might take you up on that offer . I have been to Liverpool several times been to the Beatles Story a couple of times as it is hard to take it all in . I keep missing the Magical Mystery Tour Bus , all my excursions have been with National Holidays and time is tight even when we have stayed in the Adelphi . Last time we stayed at Haydock and had the day up until 2pm in Liverpool but it was International Beatles Week and the whole place was mobbed especially Matthew Street . I would especially like to see Penny Lane area and of course where they originally lived . Take care all and stay safe . :)