And another question

If you are bringing up the rear then what is your position compared to everyone else?
We only have four seasons one of which is special to us. :rolleyes:
My lips are sealed. I know nothing of these seasons of which you speak. Neither can I confirm or deny whether or not one of them may be special. :cool:
I thought I had a clue but after Stephen's response I am not so sure. Auntie and her castor oil to start off the New Year??

Crumbs - the Christmas episode where Barry gets a water bed and the guys help keep an eye on Auntie's shop.
But what about the beverage? It could be Barry's Christmas, in which Barry has a drop too much and gets left behind in the pub. Or Merry Christmas Father Christmas with them prodding Compo in the rear with a thingame to bring him up on the roof.
Perhaps those who know can post a letter each adding to the previous members post [ apologies gothic occupying space on the server drives] As the first one to guess Stephen after you.
Seems the word 'beverage' maybe causing confusion. Look it up. Meanwhile, here is the answer.

What's happened here? Where's the picture gone?
If you're bringing up the rear then you are last. So you now have to add a season and a beverage. :02:
Pretty sure we had it , with my suggestion to Stephen and Roger I was armed to post " LAS" after Stephen and Roger posted but it appears like Loki with Thor you too have stolen our Thunder :):)