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Watch what you're doing with that big hammer!

I've never seen you look so heavy industrial!

captain clutterbuck

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Watch what you're doing with that big hammer!

If Rod had a Hammer
He'd hammer in the morning
He'd hammer in the Evening
All over his land
His Hammer is a danger
His Hammer carries a warning
[though] He'll Hammer out the Love between
His new lady and him ah-aaah
All over this land

Rod , if you go rock breaking around your gaff its does not include the one on the Engagement ring , again Best Wishes for the future !! :)


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ahhhhh that shed looks like mine!!!!!!

It is ten feet high by fifteen feet by nine feet and is built under the rest of the house at the bottom of the hillside. And another storage area only six feet high to one side part way up. Think we could lose a few people here ...