Amazon O.T.P


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I see amazon are now insisting that on items worth over £100 you have to give the delivery driver a One Time Passcode, this is sent to you when your item is dispatched, you have to only pass it over at the door in person, not via a video doorbell etc. A pain if you are going to be out as he cannot leave it somewhere else, unless it is a trusted neighbour.
When the driver delivered my parcel today I asked him what it was all about, he indicated a lot of delivery items have gone missing, some down to dodgy drivers, some down to dodgy customers
Did you tell them you would like your passcode to be Codfanglers ?

Makes sense that doing so would verify a successful package delivery. A bit disheartening that it was felt things needed to come to that.
Felt sure they'd back down regarding Barlaycard and other Visa credit cards but it appears not going ahead on 19th Jan , still have to look for alternative payment method . I prefer credit to debit as it offers extra protection .