A rare Roy Clarke TV Pilot

had a quick look wondered if the four ladies on a break at the drinks van had a young Ivy in their group . To me it looks like her the credits only list the four main characters so she would have perhaps been an extra . Does anybody think the same.

is it her.jpg
Could be a Specsaver moment looking again I am not sure it is but from the initial appearance there are similarities certainly looking at my screenshot.
Leonard was also married to Jo Tewson so a connection to LOTSW!
Around this time, Roy Clarke did another pilot - It's Only Me, Whoever I Am - starring David Jason.

Wouldn't mind seeing that on YouTube or DVD.

Sadly, the BBC do not hold a copy of It's Only Me, Whoever I Am in their archives. Unless someone out their has an early home recording, it is likely to have been lost to the ages. Very frustrating!