A Peep at Peeps --"The Great British Peeps Show"


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The Washington Post (a newspaper across the pond) has restarted the Peeps Diorama Contest and the winners were brothers Oskar and John. Their entry was called "The Great British Peeps Show" and it was based on, oh yes, "The British Baking Show." And what, pray tell, is a Peep? It is a marshmallow yellow chick. And of course, the diorama must contain a bunch of Peeps all appearing in various guises. The winning diorama contained various peeps all baking, being judged, faithfully recreating the baking show.
British Comedian Micky Flannagan does a wonderful routine about his neighbour , seeing your neighbour for the third occasion or more in the same day is a real issue , the first encounter you simply nod to each other which is acceptable , the second encounter is more awkward but unacceptable and is passed over with a laugh and a simple Hello again .

To avoid the unacceptable third encounter observation is required , you , the peepee must hide behind your curtains and blinds and look for the peeped , the neighbour , returning home at which point you can pretty much safely go out . If you witness the peeped going out on foot then you must remain there until the peeped returns .

If the peeped goes out in his car then it is an acceptable risk that you can go out . The routine goes off into other realms of connected things but he gets a huge laugh especially when he uses the word Peepee to describe himself . The routine ends when his wife he insists he goes out to collect a dress from the cleaners and he protests explaining the danger that would bring :)
Now this reminds me of a late Bob Monkhouse routine excerpt whereby his he extols the virtues of living in a small close knit community. No need for adult movies as they take turns at leaving the curtains open.