A Modern way of doing Business or Not


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I tried to give T-Mobile some business,after two phone calls and sitting in a queue for ages I finally got ringing,which ended in sorry there is no answer and it cut me off,so I went on-line and placed my order,got to the basket and went to the checkout,the checkout page could not be found,I tried this several times with the same results,so I gave up and went to another provider,the good news was it was £2 a month cheaper,and more minutes and text's ,I don't know who these top managers are in these companies,but I would not trust them to run a small market stall, and more and more these days they don't want to talk to customers either making it impossible or want to rip you off with 0844 numbers which I refuse to call,so they loose the business.

You go onto sky website and try and find a phone number to call them,and when you do it is a 0844 number,now there is a standard telephone number for them if you know where to look,call the 0844 number and you will be in a queue for ages while they rip you off,ring the standard number and more often than not they answer straight away,and this is to do business with them,I think the other problems is these call centres have much less staff than they should have,so if they can keep you away from calling that suits them,and if you do have the nerve to call then your going to really pay for the privilege

Even some doctors surgeries now have these 0844 numbers and they are set up to take at least 1 minute before it pass the call through to reception,all to make money,I have now set up my own 0844 number to give into any company that uses them,and when they ask me for a contact number that is the one I use,play them at their own game, if they want to waste time calling me with their sales patter I keep them on the phone as long as I can before I tell them I am not interested,if you want the number send me a private message and I will be happy to chat to you for hours, Terry