A Merry Heatwave question


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Was the episode "A Merry Heatwave" ever specifically intended to be a Christmas special or was it just an ordinary part of a series. I ask because it was broadcast on 1st January, which is within the Christmas and New Year holidays, but with other episodes broadcast within a week of it, it did make me wonder.


From IMDB.com
"It's an incredibly warm Christmas season but Nora is very sad - her brother Billy in Australia isn't expected to see another Christmas ..." I hope this helps.


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My take is part of the series but with a Christmas theme and shown around Christmas time. Not an independent special episode separate from the rest of the series.


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It was broadcast on January 1st 1978, its not billed as an xmas special but with it being that close to xmas it's often taken as one. A Small. Tune is classed as that years special.