A Couple of Barry Question


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In Barry's Christmas it was mentioned Barry had gone of with a group from His Club, was there any other mention of Barry being a member of a club in other episodes, or did Glenda ban him from this club.
In another episode Glenda said if she confiscated Barry's bicycle it could be ages before he noticed, did we ever see his bicycle


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Could it have been the golf club, or would Barry not have been playing golf at this stage?


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The first mention of Barry playing golf was in 'Nowhere Particular' when Glenda told the ladies that "my Barry is thinking about golf" to which Edie replies "I hope it won't interfere with his more sober practices" :29:


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Although Barry never officially retired, we heard less about his job and more about his golf game especially his ability to get on the Golf Captain's nerves.


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In one episode Barry was outside his building society on the corner of Victoria Street which was actually a real one, the Yorkshire B S.
As with so many, that branch has now closed it's doors, so Barry would now have been re located or made redundant.
I can see Glenda shedding some tears.

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I can see Glenda shedding some tears.
If he relocated can you imagine the doubts induced by Edie and the Ladies about it being a new office with new women and the opportunity for Barry to be " having an affair" . I can hear Nora in my head saying " Nothing good ever comes of it when a man moves office , all the feminine temptations will definitely turn any man's head!"