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    Message posted by Jonathan Linsley on Last of the Summer Wine Forever re: the death of his wife

    Very sorry to hear this, was unaware as I’m not on Facebook. 64 is far too young. Having lost a mother, husband, and close friend to cancer I know how devastating it is. My condolences to Jonathan and rest in peace Frances.
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    Wellies or Not

    A Sidecar Named Desire - Compo has tried to smarten himself up and is wearing a pair of winklepicker style shoes. They are so uncomfortable he hurls them over the wall into the river.
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    Would it still be going today?

    I would have loved that as a programme. The policemen hardly even have to open their mouths to be funny.
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    Best Performance #12

    It's hard to pick just one and I do love the ones that have already been mentioned. Howard is always funny. Was just watching "From Here to Paternity" the other day and liked the bit where Barry and Glenda are out running and sit down to rest by a wall (on the other side from Howard and Marina...
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    Wimbledon time.

    Hi Rick, I bought it last summer in the ironmongery shop next to Sid's café (Kayes) - it's a nice little shop. They had a lot of mugs with different slogans but naturally I picked that one!
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    Wimbledon time.

    Personally my feelings are summed up by the message on this mug (photo attached) - but that certainly was a tremendous achievement today and I do admire the skill and stamina of the players and wish Andy Murray all the very best.
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    Summer Wine A-Z Game

    Who do we know that's a great long dozy dollop, apart from Foggy Dewhurst?
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    Best Performance #11

    Was just watching "Ironing Day" and Smiler's escapades while drunk in that episode, after a "tasting" consisting of 2 tiny glasses of the home-made elderflower wine from Aunty Wainwright, are pretty funny.
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    Compo's terms of Endearment for Foggy

    In "Destiny and Six Bananas" when Foggy appears dressed for hunting the "big game", along with his "blow-pipe", Compo calls him "Wild Bill Hiccup" (and Clegg gets in on the act too, with "Jungle Jim"), then shortly after, Compo calls him "Clarissa with her curtain rod". That episode must be one...
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    Whats the best series of LOTSW?

    My favourites are the ones with Foggy in them. Although I do like Seymour, and the other "third men", there is just something about Foggy's particular brand of barminess that cracks me up. Superbly acted.
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    Possible found location for Bicycle Made For Three

    Interesting! I will certainly check out this location when/if I manage to get to Holmfirth.
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    Compo's terms of Endearment for Foggy

    Oops, apologies Terry, I did not notice the caption! Specsavers beckon.
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    Compo's Girlfriends

    Hi Rick, I think you are spot-on about what Compo's reaction to those ladies would have been! (Have not re-watched this episode yet but as I remember a lot of the action took place in "The Monkey" - that was a really iconic pub).
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    Compo's terms of Endearment for Foggy

    Dewdrop - in The Odd Dog Men
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    Thumpy Dub bridge

    Thanks so much for that, Terry - I was barking up the wrong tree before but now I see it and have checked out the route on Google Street View too. What a fantastic view!