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    Can you name an episode where???

    Clegg suggests in at least one episode that Compo could be part Japanese.
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    Episodes that make you Wonder

    I think there are a few episodes in which it appears that Pearl and Howard's house has a vestibule sort of entrance that you can't see into from the front room due to a semi-transparent partition. I would think he'd keep the bike in there.
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    How do YOU view the forums / website?

    While I do read notifications, such as when someone comments on a watched thread, on my phone, I prefer to really read the forum and type comments on my computer. It is much easier to see to read and certainly easier to type on a keyboard than on the phone for me. It is a laptop, but it lives...
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    Has anyone noticed this with Cleggy

    Certainly not on the constant level of Are You Being Served, but there were plenty of ribald moments here and there, including a significant number of references to adultery by Clegg. This does seem to change around the Seymour years and I have also wondered if perhaps the powers that be had...
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    In Why Does Norman Clegg Buy Ladies Elastic Stockings Clegg ends up with some unexpected shopping items.
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    What’s in thou matchbox, mate?

    I think really, we know that it was empty. Someone with a better memory than me can tell you the episode in which Bill had the matchbox backwards and it is clearly seen. Since Compo talks to it and feeds it (Flower Power Cut) I assume it is suposed to be something alive. That it upsets women and...
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    What’s in thou matchbox, mate?

    Wouldn't the props have technically belonged to the BBC? I wouldn't think they would have kept them themselves; they would have been stored by the props manager or some such person. I read a book by Grace Lee Whitney (from Orig. Star Trek) in which she talked about personal props disappearing...
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    Preparing for winter

    It's just cheerful and happy and makes people feel like someone in the community cares. Someone should make some of these for Monty Don to wrap his tree ferns and such for the winter. They'd get national television coverage if he displayed them in the winter special.
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    Wooden toy ideas from LOTSW??!

    Didn't Smiler and Tom have a milk float at one time? That would be unique. Not LOTSW related, but my dad made wooden toys for a time in the 70's while out of work for a time, and the best thing he made was a wheeled Noah's ark with pairs of wooden animals. I think the pattern came from a...
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    Preparing for winter

    What a lovely gesture. I'm afraid if anyone tried to do something like that, or the event Gothic first posted, around here, it would be immediately vandalized, or someone would find something to be offended by.
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    Preparing for winter

    Thanks, that is really neat!
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    Where did Ivy cook?

    In the Flags and its snags Compo borrows a knife and goes out to the public bathrooms to get the package cut free of his zip so there must have been one close by, unless it was upstairs - if Sid and Ivy lived up there, they would have had to of had one, that would explain why Compo got upstairs...
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    Preparing for winter

    I think it's very cheerful. Do these things appear anonymously, is there a contest, or do people make their own as a community effort? As someone who crochets, embroiders and sews I know the time and effort that would take to do, especially all over town. You must have a very community-oriented...
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    Wooden toy ideas from LOTSW??!

    That sounds interesting! I haven't seen it here yet. I'm still waiting for them to let us have The Great British Sewing Bee. The submarine would be a great choice. As a child I had one with a propeller that spun on a tightened rubber band. I also went through an entire battalion of balsa wood...
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    What’s your favorite season?

    I'm going to have to say season 6. All of the characters seem to be especially well developed, and events that represent each of the characters leading characteristics are present. Foggy's need to be useful, Compo's love for Nora, Clegg's fear of secondhand shops, the absolute madness of From...