Whoops 40th anniversary


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Thanks so much captain,I really enjoyed my Whoops walk and at some point will be looking to recreate a 20th,30th or 40th anniversary walk from an episode from 2002,1992 or 1982,thankyou for the comment,much appreciated.
In a few years time, a 40th anniversary walk celebrating Getting Sam Home, then Uncle of the Bride, would be nothing short of Epic.

Thank you so much for your celebration of Whoops, it was outstanding.

Douglas Enwright

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When we were in the Butchers arms I had to stand where Foggy was on the phone pretending to be the speaking clock.That scene always makes me laugh.
Sorry to revisit this Graham,but ever since you posted this I’v been trying to think of the episode,do you,or anyone else reading know what episode this is from,I always laugh at this and would love to watch it again.
The trouble is,I watch that many episodes (have watched three today) that they often blur into one unless it is a particular favourite or memorable one,and I find it difficult to remember particular short scenes such as this,I can see it now and the barman coming to the table and Cleggy answering,I just can’t place the storyline,I must do better I know,I have such a lot to learn from you all on here.