Which HAT would you pick?


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If you could have any hat from the LOTSW show, which would you pick?

There’s so many good hats on the show

But for myself I call dibs on Wally’s grey tweed cap


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I would have picked Howard's cap...but it's got a spider in it !!!....and I do like the little pink number Compo was modelling in the window of the ladies dress shop...but I have chosen Nora's hat that looked amazingly like the loaf/cake Alvin was eating for breakfast......he even showed Billy and Truly when they arrived at his house !!!...it looked good enough to eat !!!!

Inky Batty

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The one that makes me chuckle the most is in The Dewhursts of Ogleby Hall, where Compo insists on a "Hat for Nora Batty" and then it gets savaged by the dog.
My second favourite is the one with flowers on in the Xmas special which gets both watered and then burnt in the oven.
It's a grand thinking topic as there are lots of utterly ridiculous hats to choose from.


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I would pick any of Nora Batty's hats. She wore all of them with great aplomb and without apology.
Absolutely with you there, Adanor: Nora's hats look super to me. Some of them even make her look like Quality Street chocolate, to me -- which is no bad thing. :)


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For me, there is just something about Truly's outfit, hat included, that just fits his cool, calm demeanor perfectly. (Obviously that demeanor was not established from the start). The gloves are the final touch.


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Compo's "Harry Lauder" hat. I think I still have one like that.

Compo dressing up was always an adventure. Sometimes my wife watches the show with me and sometimes she doesn't. When she's not, I always get her attention when Compo's dressed up.