what character would you be


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PC Cooper, had a cushy job, had a few scrapes with the Police car,
but, it didn't get him into trouble, had a good pension for lounging about in the Police car,
having barbeque's and generally doing nothing.
I often wonder what a day in Cooper or Walsh's shoes would have been like.


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I am probably missing the point of the original question, but for me I'd rather invent a new character and insert them into the summer wine world. I have to say though, the older I get the more I wish for a quiet, peaceful, uncomplicated, uninterrupted life so I suppose I'm a bit like Clegg in that.

(Unfortunately, I've spent the last few days cleaning up tree limbs from an ice storm and spent nearly 3 days before that without electricity, and am now in a race with the elements, ants, and gophers to get my garden in. Clegg had trouble with his toaster, I have a chainsaw that invariably wants to throw its chain at the worst possible moment.)