Website Update


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Tony has been very busy over the last few weeks putting together a new look website, this morning it went live so please do have a look at all his hard work,and thanks to Claye for the characters that caused Tony sleepless


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Well done that man! <in his best Foggy voice>

The page looks great! A cuppa Russian Caravan all around. :18:

captain clutterbuck

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A cuppa Russian Caravan all around
Well done that man
drink Caravan
and Don't dilly dally on the way
Of went the cups with the Caravan in it
I missed out , late by a minute
Cos I dillied and dallied
Dallied and dillied
Lost my way and don't know where to roam
Well you can't trust Tetley like the new style brews
So don't drink it when you're at Home.