The Magic Fly


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No, not the instrumental track from the 70s. We've been plagued by flies lately (a downside of rural living) and they seem to magically appear out of nowhere. In the bathroom last night there were two but when I killed one there were than three flying around! And why is it they can find their way in through a slightly ajar window but can't find the way out through one that's wide open?!


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I seem to be getting loads of beetles (not the band!!!!) waking around everywhere when I get up in the night, there must be dozens of them over the house, but bizarrely most have disappeared by morning.

captain clutterbuck

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Could be worse if you were living at the Coast near an Octopuses Garden , you've just run a nice deep bath to relax , he/she nips in while your fetching a towel from your bedroom how the hell would you ever get him/her out . You can't aggravate him/her because if he squirts ink imagine how much CIF [other cleaners are available] would you need to clean the ring around the bath and you may as well throw your towel in the bin if it hits that .
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