Question on most recent Last of the Summer Wine books


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I haven't got round to buying any Last of the Summer Wine books lately.

Which is shameful.

The last book I obtained (big thanks to Terry) was'From the Director's Chair' by Alan JW Bell.

And around that time I also bought 'Last of the Summer Wine' by Andrew Vine.

Can anyone point out which books followed?

I think there were at least two books, but I'm not sure what they were.

With Christmas round the corner, I'd quite like to set aside some reading time...


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Hi wstol!

There was the 'Summer Winos' book, which was released in 2020. There was also a 'LOTSW: An Appreciation: ....' which was an unauthorised fan book released in, again, 2020, I believe.

There was also the bookazine on LOTSW, by Richard Skelton. I think it's still available