One Off Barmpots!


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Following on from the recent discussion around John Challis I was thinking who my favorite character that played one of the many barmpot characters in a single episode. There's so many amazing actors to choose from. For me it would be Brian Conley's fitness mad character Boothroyd in Enter The Finger, Brian is such a great comedian and it was one of those rare characters to really get up Barrys nose!

Who would be your favorite character that's only made a single appearance?


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"Lenny from the pickle factory" was superb in his 3 episodes......
Bobby Ball is a naturally "funny man"....he makes you chuckle just looking at his body language,and mannerisms.
In "get out of that then" I think he was at his maniacal best....spiralling further and further into complete lunacy !!!...ending with a catastrophic "gig"at the pub.
He was excellent when hearing "voices" in a Barnsley accent.......and was his usual funny,daft,silly,stupid [etc...etc..] self when he was on board his mega swan in "the Swan Man of Ilkley" was a great "silly" introduction to Lenny......standing up to his waist in the canal...holding an inflatable swan with a hole in it !!!....and just saying......"ow' do lads" as if it was normal behaviour !!!
I thought it was a lovely touch from Roy Clarke to include his "other half" Tommy Cannon in Bobby's appearances.
He really seemed to enjoy being there and being part of something very special.


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Eithne !!!....a brilliant addition......he played the part so well.....I sometimes wonder if Roy had a specific actor or actress in mind when he wrote the part.....because.....he never got it wrong many times [I know Billy Ingleton was not everyone's cup of tea...maybe a trifle too much slapstick ???? was just Norman being.......Norman].


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Arnpepper from 'Ballad for Wind Instruments and Canoe' was quite fun. Also -- and whilst not technically a barmpot -- I really like Chip from 'Pate and Chips'. I really wished they'd filmed the sing-a-long with him near the end of the story.