Of Funerals & Fish.... My pick of S1 - 5


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Marianna, thank you for the info on Gloria. That fills in a piece of the puzzle I had wondered about. I remember her scrubbing and talking with Nora. Just did not put 2 and 2 together.


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In another episode, the title of which escapes me at the moment, Sid was speculating on ways to shed Ivy and said to Compo, "Your wife left you, didn't she?" Compo replied, "She run off with a fizzin' Pole." (Which the subtitles render as "fishin' pole".) She left very soon after World War II, while there were still a great many Polish refugees in the UK, so she wouldn't have had to go far to find one to run off with.
I remember the scene Marianna, but the episode title also escapes me. Perhaps our encyclopedia of all things Summer Wine, our Roger will know?


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I've just watched this I'm not sure if anyone else has managed to take a fresh look at it. The wonderful thing about watching this wonderful comedy is you always spot something new.
I considered the pilot to be barely-watchable for a long time. Looking at this thread an others over the months I am relieved it's not just me.

I'm on my fourth or so viewing of Funerals and Fish. Astonishing when you consider it was a different time (both in reality and in The Summer Wineverse).

For me the best part of the older episodes are subtle things you only notice when rewatching them.