Not really cut out to be Santa was Howard..

Crums is the absolute pinacle of festive viewing !!!.......I have watched it every Christmas Eve for many many years [but then again...I watch it 12 months a year !!!].
It combines everything that makes our show so special and so unique.....friendship,loyalty,madness [i.e. Barry's home made water bed], we meet Auntie for the first time,our trio dressed as is just perfect in every way.... Roy's writing is really "feels" Christmassy !!!!.
A wonderful special for a wonderful special time of year !!!.
And whilst I am feeling festive I want to be the first to wish each and every family member from the four corners of the globe a wonderful, healthy, happy, joyous, laughter filled Christmas.......and thank you all for making me laugh...making me cry...and keeping me sane.
All my love,
Some Christmas pics. Just insert the double decker bus with our trio falling off the back.


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