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HEY, Manwinoname, the agent for this property has an office in Slaithwaite where you live. Will you pop in there and put a £1.50 P deposit on it and we can all move in!!!. :37::37::37::37::37::37:

captain clutterbuck

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Video is interesting looks like the front door and porch are totally as they were when they filmed that same dark wood but then the dramatic change is what was the living room where countless coffee mornings were held and where Howard plotted his escapes is now the kitchen , really strange . The garden and rear of the property look totally different . The bedroom on the first floor where Howard was incarcerated I assume is the living room so he'd have no chance of escaping through the window as he has tried many times. Assume the five bar gate at the end leads through to the B & B that was posted in another thread . The White Horse would be nice walk down to for a pint and a bite to eat but stagger back up the hill on Scholes Road at closing time wouldn't be great.