New Still Game


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I must admit it got better as it progressed through the series and a shame it was limited to six episodes, I hope there will be more, if you have not seen the live stage show from 2017 that was very good and could of sold out several times over, it was so overbooked they extended the run, I just hope the BBC are not doing what they did with LOSW for the last four series, they just kept cutting the budget


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I must admit I wasn’t keen on series 8 , I just didn’t laugh that much. But now I have had a second viewing it is growing on me. I still prefer the first 6 original series though.

Blue summer

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Glad this brilliant programme has been talked about on the form.
I first "found" it on BBC2 in late 2005 and took to it straight away, although i've always been a fan of Rab C, so i didn't struggle too much with the dialect.
I bought the box set a few years ago but i've also downloaded series 7 and 8 off YouTube, plus a few others, so i don't have to get the DVD's out.
Love the way Methadone Mick was brought into the series, even though his new teeth are cartoonish, i still think he's brought some good laughs into the programme, shame Eric decided to leave though.