Must be fun to Live Here

captain clutterbuck

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I live near a place in Durham called Pity Me must be fun when someone asks where do you live ? I am also not far from a small place and details are shown below

Once Brewed (also known as Twice Brewed or Once Brewed/Twice Brewed) is a village in Northumberland, England. It lies on the Military Road (Northumberland) B6318. A motorist arriving over the B6138 from the east will see the place name shield "Once Brewed", while those coming from the west will read "Twice Brewed".

How confusing is that for anyone as its name depends which direction you come from :oops:

As an anecdote I worked with a guy on shifts who moved up from down south and settled in Twice Brewed his wife and he ran the local shop/Post office , Clearly his wife did most of the work as he was employed alongside me . He faced many difficult decisions at work but nothing topped one he took for the shop . The Queen's cousin Lady Bowes-Lyon lived locally and the shop delivered the Times and other magazines to her but she didn't pay her bill so he stopped her papers :eek: She eventually paid the outstanding bill so they reinstated the delivery but he was sweating on that decision for days.