More Amazon Clampdowns


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My last few higher value (Over £50) orders have all required me to give the delivery driver directly a one time password, it appears that stuff has gone missing and without this password the driver cannot leave the item, which is a pain as we can have delivers between 10am and 9pm and the online tracking give delivery estimates with a 2 hours window that can change during the day, so if you need to go out it could be they will try and deliver while you are out, you have to go through the same process the next day.
I suspect some of this is due to the delivery being made and left somewhere as the occupiers are out and they have denied receiving it.

captain clutterbuck

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Doorstep equivalent of two factor authentication I guess. I decided to use it on their website so to logon and place orders etc I get a number text by them to my phone after providing the standard credentials . Fingers crossed not yet been in a position where my phone is crocked because not sure what happens. I suppose as it seems to be device linked you can turn it off for a specific device so you can always logon to something .