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I ordered a pack of Amazon brand AA batteries from Amazon @ £6.20 including delivery, now this rather large company claims it is heading towards being carbon neutral in the future, yet this pack of batteries has travelled further than I have been in the last 2 years, and will be delivered soon in a diesel van. I find it hard to understand why they don't hold bulk stock of this type of item in the UK.


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Sadly it is more convenient for multi-national, £multi-billion businesses to have huge centralised warehouses.
Even normal distributors do something similar; they have a "hub" where all sent packages are taken to, sorted and then delivered to local satellite locations for final delivery. This could mean that goods you order from a retailer in your locality are sent to the central hub - 100's of miles away - then after being sorted, come all the way back to the appropriate satellite for your area.
Carbon-neutral my Astrakhan coat!


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There is one consideration that might add to the price or delivery distance and that is that certain batteries in certain quantities are automatically classified as hazardous materials and therefore have additional shipping requirements; and may be shipped from further distances to satisfy hazardous materials requirements.


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They've probably travelled considerably further than that as I think Amazon batteries are manufactured in Indonesia.