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Good Day to you all. I do hope that you all have a NICE DAY.
Before I start my little story I would like to beg your indulgence whilst I have a word in MoodyBlue's shell like. Are you there Moody? I'm having a little problem with my right knee cap. It's going bald. The left one is OK, it's just the right one that is becoming hairless. For years I have had hairy knee caps which, unfortunately, has resulted in me being unable to wear Bermuda shorts. I tried wearing them once but when I stood at the side of the road my legs looked like two gnomes waiting for a bus. As I was saying, my right knee cap is fast changing into a billiard ball. It is rubbing too much on the floor. This is because I am practicing kneeling for the happy event when I get knighted. It's true, my wife received a message from the Palace asking when I was willing, and able, to get knighted. That's right isn't it dear? {That's me talking to my wife}. I was just telling them about the the letter we had from the Queen about me getting knighted. .....???? What was that you said Mrs. P? ........... Oooooh, knotted............. Mmmmmmmmmm, well, while you're here Moody, do you have a remedy for flatulance? My wife sits on my knee a lot and if my lance gets any flatter I will need a transplant. I know I shouldn't bother you with all these questions Moody but I thought that, you being a doctor, could help me. ............ What was that you said? You're not a doctor? In one of your letters you said that you were a Liverpool doctor. I have it right here, it distinctly says Liverpool d.....OOPS, 'Liverpool docker'.:oops: Oh boy, is my face red?:mad: It now matches my right knee cap.
I'm off.

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Reminds me of a friend who was in amateur dramatics and was about to star in a play about Alexander Miller's northern hero Gadgie [copy of one of his paintings below] . Trouble was he was asked to play Gadgie at the eleventh hour and needed an article of clothing to complete his outfit so he dashed "doon toon" to a famous hatters Isaac Waltons with five minutes until closing . Dashing through the door he told the assistant he was starring as Gadgie in the play and needed a specific article of clothing to complete his outfit . The assistant was aghast " Wey am so sorry man av got Panamas , Trilbies , Pork Pies , Boaters but av got nee caps!" :fp:

alex millar gadgie.jpg