A friend of mine went for a haircut and was rather fed up of how the barber's wittered on so when asked " How would you like you hair cut today" He replied " In complete silence " Needless to say the angry barber went to town on his barnet but he said it was worth it .:)
I remember Billy Connolly going on about the old adverts in the Daily Mirror including one like this which stated in bold type "CUT YOUR OWN HAIR" with this lethal looking thing . So you take it to the bathroom to use the mirror and when the cutter gets within a foot of your hair a huge clump falls off so you say stuff that and throw it in the bathroom cabinet .

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We don't but hairdressers and stylists were the busiest people post Covid lockdown period cutting and styling overly long hair and sorting out people's attempts to keep hair tidy during the lockdown periods.