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We have waited two years to watch this new format of cricket. The 100. We were ready and waiting for the match to start. It started on time. We were blessed with a screen that had the state of the game in large letters down both sides of the TV screen and across the bottom, in vile colours. I suspect that was part of the glitz and glamour but the people who had payed to get into the ground wouldn't have seen that. We watched the first 15 minutes and watched the next 15 minutes trying to figure out where the predicted excitement was going to come from. After 30 minutes we did the sensible thing. We switched over to watch Today in Parliament. The 100 game was nothing but a poor imitation of 20-20 cricket. I don't know who was responsible for thinking up this format but I would like to bet that they have two backsides, compared to 20-20 it was just a load of crap. I'm afraid that in our opinion it was LBW. Lagging Behind Woefully. :20::35::cry2::eek2:

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I missed it Peri not sure what its all about to be honest so when I get five minutes I will have to Googly it.................. groan ... i'll get my coat :fp:


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OVER ALL AS A CRICKET FAN I WAS NOT IMPRESSED , 20 balls short of a 20/20 They could have tried the same thing as a 10/10.


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I'm a big cricket fan, I won't personally be watching the 100 it's like redesigning football but having penalties only IMO. Cannot wait for the Test against India - proper cricket!