Famous Names Dropped in the Show


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King Farouk...ruler of Egypt !!....the girl who used to sit on Compo,and they used to roll her down the hill looked like King Farouk.....Compo said she fancied his mate...I can't remember her name...but I know a certain gentleman/gentlemen who will !!!!!.
He was also mentioned in another episode by Foggy saying "as soon as King Farouk coughs up from the royal treasury"( I think it was when they had a race to see who was fittest ISOMETRICS??)


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There's a yesteryear famous actor who played Robin Hood referenced in How Errol Flynn Discovered The Secret Scar of Nora Batty but I cannot for the life of me remember his name ;) ;) ;)

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Frank Ifield mentioned by Clegg in Who's That Dancing With Nora Batty?
Your Memory is just astounding Roger keep saying you'd be a shoe in for Mastermind if you ever decide to enter . You remember him , with your superb knowledge, the members and certainly I remember you :fp: [The sentiments are genuine the pun is just one of my worst ever , apologies]
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