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So watching an episode of the great old series 'The Avengers", (Check this list of actors!! - I was shocked to see Clive Dunn amongst the actors in this episode.

So quick google shows some other shows he did apart from the legendary Dads Army ( think of Dads and just smile - specailly the way the series ended.).

Any info on Grandad -
- this doesnt look too good, aimed at kids maybe? The funny isnt there for me in this one.

and another "My Oldman"


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When you look at any actors from that ilk they all had such a vast array of roles not always as stars often as a support actor or guest star . A lot of them were able to undertake that because they had studied and performed in repertory theatres . In rep they could be a Policeman one week , soldier next etc etc and it gave them a rounded acting background , hence when TV took off their agents were able to confidently put them forward for a plethora of roles .

The other key point to make is the "Old Boy " network many actors got roles because they had been involved with Producers/Directors in other shows and often were clearly remembered when a new show came up . IF you look at Croft and Perry they used the same actors across many shows . Look at Bill Pertwee, for example, the Air Raid Warden in Dad's Army , Policeman in You Rang M'Laud and he pops up as a guest actor in a bit part role in Hi De Hi.


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And closer to home. Frank Thornton was hired as the third man and then they needed to cast someone as Toby and of course Frank suggested Trevor Bannister who was a fellow cast member from "Are You Being Served?" When Trevor was on AYBS he was young and spoke with a cockney accent. Every time I see him on LOTSW he does not even seem to have ANY RESEMBRANCE to young Mr. Lucas on AYBS. Of course the hair is different, the face is different, the accent is different. But I finally found something that says that yes, this is the same guy. It was his walk, it was the same.

And then they needed a librarian, and so of course they got Josephine Tewson as Miss Davenport. She was previously on "Keeping Up Appearances." Then Lynda Baron appeared as Lily Bless Her on "Getting Sam Home" and then later appeared as Nurse Gladys Emmanuel on "Open All Hours" and "Still Open All Hours." Yes, familiarly breeds more roles.


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My Old Man, the ITV series he did was adapted from a pilot in Ronnie Barker’s “Seven of One” (the series of one off pilots he did that spawned “Porridge” and “Open All Hours”). His Daughter in the series, was played by Clive Dunns wife.