..but he usually did, as soon as Nora was mentioned.


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When the intoxicated "Captain Zero" was dragged to the cells by our favourite boys in blue our scruffy hero said "I'm not dooin' it !!!"....but realising that he would be getting accosted by lovely ladies [especially Nora] he agreed to become "Captain Zero mark 2".....he got to kiss the ladies....and confirmed to Howard that Pearl DID NOT have "an unsightly mole with a hair growing out of it " [to quote Howard !!!]....surely that was worth a "scorched bum !!!!!!".

captain clutterbuck

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On the closing credits Compo in the Cafe with Ivy

Compo- " that cannon give me a scorched bum, so gis one of them scorched buns Ivy!"
Ivy " What the blood and stomach pills are you saying , my buns are not burnt and never have been!!!"
Compo " well its looks like it to me"
Ivy handing Compo one of the sticky buns " Does that looked like an overbaked bun to you???"
Compo " Come to think of it lass no it doesn't but thanks very much!!"

As the credit rolls we see Compo running from the Cafe , bun in hand , pursued by Ivy with tin tray in hand.