Bad digs in Manchester.


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Manchester [or the aversion to it] has spread to our favourite "ladies coffee mornings"......remember....Glenda said Barry had never been further than which Ivy states "well no good ever comes out of going to Manchester"........and that is followed by Pearl's accusation that " That's probably where the Stone worm came from !!!!"......although...I better keep quiet.....because my city has come under a bit of abuse over the years !!!!


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I usually fly into Manchester Airport from the US, and spend a few nights in a budget hotel near Piccadilly rail station. I can't imagine the misery of bad digs in Manchester, but I quite like Greater Manchester for its history. It's the home of the Co-operative Wholesale Society, with it's "divi", as Compo referred to it in "Dried Dates and Codfanglers. In Salford Quays there's the L.S. Lowry gallery, and the Imperial War Museum North. In Central Manchester, there's the Museum of Science and Industry, with the canal basin just across the street and Roman ruins a short stroll away. And of course, there's the Manchester Ship Canal, with its Barton Swing Aqueduct in Barton upon Irwell, which was my introduction to Greater Manchester.
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It's the home of the Co-operative Wholesale Society, with it's "divi"

Hello Marianna,

At the local Beamish Museum they rebuilt an atypical street from times gone by including a replica of a Cooperative store , manned by volunteers from the museum staff dressed as a shopkeeper would be in that era . All day every day they spend the day saying "Hello" to be greeted by the response of a number which is the dividend or divi number of that visitor its amazing when you visit , you stand for a few minutes and this stream of numbers can be heard . Even just prior to her demise my mum at 98 could still recite her number verbatum.




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Have to relate my perception of Manchester
Here in America, Manchester is seen as an outlier to the general rule of British class and good manners.
From what I’ve been led to believe, all across the green and pleasant shores of England, an honest bloke can expect a jolly welcome.
Except in Manchester
Even on a personal note, I once fell in love with a young woman from Manchester who I met via a website forum called OKCupid
She called herself hellotherehuman, and had the loveliest and darkest eyes and sense of humor I’ve met online.
The things she said to me after I announced my deep feelings for her would have made even Nora Batty look like a Girl Scout troop leader.
Therefore I too shall make a few digs at Manchester