Auntie has a shop in Morecambe

Douglas Enwright

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Hi everyone,
I hope you have all been keeping well.
Have been busy with life and called in here,and shocked to see it was last August when I last visited,and fourteen months since I posted the 40th anniversary of Whoops,life passes by so quickly and we should treasure every moment.
My love for the show continues,it always will,it’s so exciting all this that’s happening with the 50th anniversary,I’m still so saddened that Tom Owen won’t be here to take part,I believe he had planned to,still upset by his passing,wouldn’t it have been great to have Sarah Thomas and Mike Grady take part in the weeked,and Ken Kitson and Louis Emerick dressed as the hapless policemen,perhaps with a portable barbecue at the boot of their police car and wearing pinnies,I wonder if they were ever asked,just before the covid lockdown I had tickets to see Julian Dutton in his Last of the Summer Wine play,but they were all cancelled due to the covid outbreak,there is a trailer for his show on YouTube and his impressions of Foggy,Compo and Clegg are amazing,I wrote to him,and the organisers to ask if he would consider doing a one off show at this weekend for all the people that had their tickets cancelled but I never heard anything back.
I read the Summer Winos book while I’ve been away,and was really chuffed to see Terry get several mentions,and Marianna too,I really enjoyed it and asked them about their plans for volume two,they are still going ahead with it,but say it is still quite a while away,would be interesting to see their take on Whoops in that volume.
2023 sees the 40th anniversary of one of my favourite episodes,the White mans grave,because the wonderful Wally gets plenty of airtime,with some unforgettable lines :
”Am dependent on ‘er,shes reduced mi brain to jelly”
and when Foggy rings the doorbell to set Wally free and a ferocious Nora answers and he loses his nerve
”Is Wally coming out to play”
It would be difficult to do a recreation of the day though as most of the episode is set in the cafe and around Nora’s steps,
A different matter though is Getting Sam home,it’s the 40th anniversary too of that this year,and I fully intend to do a detailed exact recreation of that day that is worthy of such an amazing piece of work,how amazing is it that we will be able to watch it at the 50th anniversary weekend,I’m overwhelmed with all that is happening.
Anyway,recently I had reason to visit the Morecambe area (a proud Yorkshireman always needs a very good reason to visit Lancashire) and there I decided to drive into Morecambe to take a look at the Eric Morecambe statue,another of my heroes,about a mile or two out of Morecambe,on Lancaster Road,it was all residential,and I couldn’t believe my eyes,there was Auntie Wainwrights,it wasn’t a shop,it was a house that looked lived in,in the middle of all the terraced houses,I pulled over to take a photo,I was really pleased to see it there.
All the best to you all,to those of you that are going,enjoy the 50th,there are some wonderful things happening,I’ll try and visit the site more often in future and will definitely do a Getting Sam Home 40th anniversary tribute.
Love from Chuffer x


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Douglas Enwright

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Speaking of Morecambe and Wise,who I absolutely love,if ever anyone gets the chance to see the tribute act Eric and Ern please go see them,they look like them and sound exactly like them,and do all the famous routines,if you closed your eyes you really thought it was them,I have never known an audience laugh and cry in equal measure.
The real reason I called into Morecambe while in the area was to see the statue,seeing Aunties shop was an unexpected and lovely surprise

captain clutterbuck

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The statue has a two fold purpose firstly, clearly a tribute to one of the UK's greatest ever Comedians and secondly it was heavily sponsored by the Morecambe Tourist Board to attract visitors to the resort, no not because of the statue itself but purely the song "Bring me Sunshine" nothing attracts visitors like a Sunny Day :)