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And don't forget the famous postbox where the former owner of Billy's bow used to fire an arrow through the letterbox !!!!.....after hearing Aunty's "fabrication" Billy got his bow....and his wife [and her sister no doubt !!] got her lamp !!.


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There is one episode (at least) of LotSW, that features the Post Office used in FotSW - there is a post box built into the wall on the far right of the building. I can't remember the LotSW episode; so can anyone remember the episode, and did we see the postbox?
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Just spotted it in Extra,Extra. I think it's the same place.


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There is one outside Percy's Pizzas in the episode Of Passion and Pizza. And I think it is also the same one in another episode if I am correct The Man Who Invented Yorkshire Funny Stuff where Clegg, Truly and Billy go to see Nora Batty and get well wrapped up for their trouble.