1. Mrs blamire (i wish)

    Which marina episode was this?

    Unfortunately I don’t have a picture, but I remember seeing a pic of her (and it was one of the later episodes, possibly without compo?) standing outside one of the pubs they usually used, in a longish coat but underneath it she was wearing nothing but this sexy black and red..lingerie? I think...
  2. Mrs blamire (i wish)

    What is the name of this episode

    ok this is the best way for me to describe it….so bear with me but..From what I remember of the episode , it starts with opening to clegg and Howard’s houses outside…and clegg and Howard are looking at a bug or a beetle, and clegg is going “beep..beep beep beep beep” or ..something along those...
  3. Lino

    Howard, why not just go to Marina's house?

    I love the show, and I know if you're going to enjoy it you must exercise your "suspension of disbelief" and just enjoy what transpires. But there are times, as when the trio are always trying to sneak past Pearl in front of her house, it appears they could just as easily walk around behind...