1. Mrs blamire (i wish)

    Reggie Aka liz Fraser

    Sorry if this has been posted to the wrong thread, and also I mean no disrespect to the beautiful and wonderful actress liz Fraser but after rewatching the elegy for fallen wellies trio episodes (ripping my own heart out as per usual, bless you bill Owen) am I the only one who thought at the...
  2. Mrs blamire (i wish)

    Fav characters

    Apologies if this has already been asked but I was curious to see who people’s favourite characters from LOTSW was! And why if possible? Mines blamire (though I do love a lot of characters, it is hard to pin them down to one..especially when the show’s era’s have their own different “flavours”...
  3. Daveg

    Compo on skateboard in 'small tune on a penny wassail'

    Does anybody know the street where compo rides on the skateboard in the episode 'small tune on a penny wassail'