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    Holiday Camps in UK

    These type of holiday camps are disappearing - so many have closed down to become ruins, or they have been demolished. There are still some left. The camp you saw in Holiday on the Buses is Pontins in Prestatyn in Wales, and is still in operation. These holiday camps now have a reputation of...
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    Why no Tom third man?

    He was all set to be the third man, it seems, but they hastily had a re-think before the next series. I am one of the few people who thought his character was better when he first appeared. I liked all the ducking and diving, and the scams and all of that. In the end, for me, he became very...
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    Opening credits

    In the later years of the show they messed about with the opening credits a lot, randomly putting the lesser character actors names in the opening credits. There doesn't seem to be much consistency as regards this.
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    Who is this lady?

    The one wearing glasses is NOT Edward Chapman (aka Mr Grimsdale). It may be Ernie O'Dea, who shared the same surname as Danny O'Dea.
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    Discussing modern life

    Yes, but he's not talking about the band though, is he??
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    New Holmfirth Video on You Tube

    Will there be new windows? Can't help thinking about the episode A Merry Heatwave when Clegg got stuck in one and Sid was ruminating about new sash cords. Anyone know if the bedroom scene in Getting Sam Home was actually filmed above the cafe? (I assumed it was, a lot of real life location...
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    New Holmfirth Video on You Tube

    Brilliant long video on You Tube titled 'Holmfirt, West Yorkshire (4k) Town Centre Walk. You will see many familar places, and as it a continuous walk, you will be able to work exactly where everything is and get to know your way around. Not sure why the upstairs cafe windows are boarded up...
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    Hold the Sunset

    I lasted about three episodes or so, it was mostly annoying rubbish, and not worthy of John Cleese.
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    What's on the wall?

    Badges were all the rage around this time.
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    Our Glenda

    Wasn't she in Worzel Gummidge too?
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    Anyone Else Noticed

    I suppose you would spill your tea with some great long prong prodding you in your back.
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    The wrong Wally?

    Yes, that was supposed to be Nora's husband being dragged out of the pub. It's confirmed in the book Last of the Summer Wine Scripts, which appears to be the original scripts as they do vary in places to the actual programmes. In the book, it's Wally, not Harold.
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    When You Take A Good Bite Yorkshire Tastes Terrible

    Don't forget, Mrs Avery would have made the place respectable.
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    When You Take A Good Bite Yorkshire Tastes Terrible

    A lot of Roy Clarke's early LOTSW scripts were so brilliant I'm sure he would have had enough ideas and ink in his pen to write more, but part of that problem would be trying to fill a mere 30 minute slot. He did do three 'double episodes' around this time, once in Series 3, and twice in Series...
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    When You Take A Good Bite Yorkshire Tastes Terrible

    Maybe a bit different in this case, if you've got a favourite episode, it's natural to want to expand on it.