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    What is Your favourite

    I'm going for the obscure one, and say There Goes the Groom. At the very beginning Compo is getting ready to go out for the night, and is saying goodnight to his ferret. Clegg calls, and as they slam the front door shut it collapses. Brilliant little scene. Then we get a good night shot of the...
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    Nora's Hair.

    A Merry Heatwave possibly?
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    Interesting Out take

    Brilliant clip, never seen that before. Over the years there must be hundreds of out takes, not to mention deleted scenes. Enough to make a show or dvd...
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    New Book

    I don't know the facts, but after 10 years of more of the cast departing, I wouldn't have expected Roy Clarke to want to continue with LOTSW.
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    Wally Batty - Legend

    Great actor, great character, great writing. The mould is broken.
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    Britains greatest comedy character

    I don't understand why Albert Steptoe is NOT on the list, yet Mrs Brown IS. Must be a mistake.
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    Your favourite quotes from Last Of The Summer Wine. I'll begin

    Are you holding it properly, Barry?
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    Howards most recent role

    It would be good to make a show interviewing the remaining cast, writer, and producers/directors.
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    Yet another continuity issue (Curing of Mr. Helliwell)

    Look at the state of those spindles on the staircase. One is missing and one doesn't match.
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    Yet another continuity issue (Curing of Mr. Helliwell)

    Very careless, I think the landing is the real house, the bedroom is a studio set.
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    The Glory Hole

    I think that scene was inside the real house - some of the features are too genuine for a stage set.
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    There was a day trip to Bickerdyke Hall in Pate and Chips.
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    Voicewizard on YouTube

    Go on YouTube and type in 'Voice Wizard'. This man is a genius at impresssions, he has recreated lost Hancock radio episodes by imitating Tony Hancock and the rest of the gang. He can impersonate virtually anyone it seems, I wonder if he could Last of the Summer Wine.
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    Specials Prt 1

    Big Unc, God rest him.