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    Barry's cars

    Talking of Wesley, it seemed they didn't explain his absence after he died in real life. Is that the case or did I miss something in an episode?
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    Barry's cars

    He even seemed to have the same make in two different colours recently.
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    Barry's cars

    How many different cars did Barry have? We're watching SW on the Drama channel and he seems to have a different one almost every week!
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    Why was he chosen as the vicar?

    The impaled priest is a different one to Spiletto and is played by Patrick Troughton.
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    The Bandit from Stoke On Trent

    Indeed, as in a "puff piece" which exaggerates something and ignores flaws.
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    Which LOTSW star would you most like to have a coffee/dinner with

    I've read that Thora Hird tended to dominate conversations. In terms of characters I'd probably like to have a chat with Clegg as he had depth, but as the real person then maybe Jane Freeman or Kathy Staff.
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    Gentle Comedies

    Drama is also showing SW and is up to 2003.
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    New member

    Welcome to the forum.
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    Another Holmfirth video and a tiger!

    That's a different tiger story to one in Wiltshire:
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    Cast Autobiographies

    It looks that way. The new title is probably to attract more buyers who know about LotSW. There's only a short chapter in the book about SW.
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    I Knew I had one

    I wonder if those were just far comedic effect or if Roy Clarke is an insular Yorkshire man.
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    I Knew I had one

    But they do mention Huddersfield, usually in a tone of disdain.
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    Cast Autobiographies

    My wife has just bought me Peter Sallis' autobiography so I hope it's better than reviews suggest. It's titled something like "Summer Wine and Other Stories, My Autobiography" rather than "Fading Into the Limelight" which I'd seen it called previously.
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    The Ladder in Mending Stuart's Leg

    That's a brilliant scene. I love the way Ollie tips his hat to the streetcar passengers when the ladder leans on it.
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    Series 22

    Apparently he did theatre, but most of his TV parts have been relatively small apart from SW.