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    The age gap between us " Summerwiners" !!!

    im 26 this year
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    bill owens birthday today

    today is bill owens birthday he would of been 107 a truly fine man
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    happy birthday hope you have had good day so far
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    bill owen and peter sallis on noel edmonds house party

    No worrys saw and episode guide on Google yesterday then I searched YouTube for it took me a while but glad I did would have been nice for Brian wilde to be in it but Peter and Bill more then made up for it
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    bill owen and peter sallis on noel edmonds house party

    thats true he must of done dont think the ones who ran noels house party could pull it off
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    bill owen and peter sallis on noel edmonds house party

    i have found this episode of bill and peter in character on noels house party and appear from about 18:55 on the video when the doorbell rings NOEL’S HOUSE PARTY (BBC ONE - Season 2: Episode 7 / 05.12.92) - YouTube
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    Same old BBC.....

    An absolute disgrace bbc don't care about the show
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    BBC 4 To show The secret birthday of Norman clegg on 2nd february

    BBC 4 are showing The secret birthday of norman clegg on the 2nd Februaryat 8pm and wallace and grommit is on after this is due to the fact that peter sallis would have been 100 on the 1st ,i dont think BBC have shown an episode on a main station since the show ended it will be nice to see an...
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    jokes bad or otherwise.

    I'm sick of my mates complaining about the price of things - £1.25 for a tea, £1.75 for a coffee, £2.25 for a slice of cake, £2.50 to park the car - if they don't like it then stop coming round my house !
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    COVID Vaccine.

    not sure when i will get mine with being 25 and no underlying health conditions probably march or april
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    Snow - Where?

    not even a drop where i am in Manchester near the city centre
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    Geoffrey Palmer

    he also made a few appearances in doctor who such a sad loss
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    A Sad loss - Margaret Nolan

    sad news just checked imdb and she played connie who was chip simmonites wife in pate and chips
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    sorry for your loss