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    A Bicycle Made for Tight Jeans and Metal Detector

    I've always felt Percy/Dirk was meant to be the introduction to someone we would see again, perhaps on a regular basis. Maybe the plan that series was for him to also appear in a second episode, but he wasn't available so they went with the never seen Dougie. As the BBC audience tested...
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    Massive Brain Block Over Joe Gladwin!

    Its easy to forget that Nora wasn't supposed to be a main character when the show was created, so as you say the pilot and first series just have her as an incidental character. Andrew Vine's book says Nora only appeared in the first series because BBC test audiences for the pilot indicated...
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    Last appearance of Entwistle and Alvin?

    I came across this skit that aired apparently in 2010 where Burt Kwouk and Brian Murphy reprise their roles. I'm guessing it was filmed after the final series and as such represents their final appearance in their LOTSW roles. The Bill - Harry Hill & Paul O'Grady: The Bill for the Summer...
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    Michael Aldrich's former house

    Home prices in the US have gone up quite a lot, but it varies by city and state. On the whole they've increased by 27% since the start of 2020. Where I live they've gone up even more. For example, a comparable house across the street from me just sold for almost twice what my house was...
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    Interesting, just posted on YouTube

    I tried doing a little research on the "n.m.n" thing but all that comes up is the old practice of putting NMN on gravestones if the person had no middle name. As Bill Owen was a stage name, maybe that's involved, but its hard to say. That channel does have some other interesting videos on...
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    Interesting, just posted on YouTube

    Yes, I saw that yesterday and really enjoyed it. I didn't realize they had some things on display show related at the White Horse.
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    Not Long to Go

    I guess the question I would have is whether older shows in the UK have actually passed into the public domain. Dad's Army, for example, started earlier so would already be free and clear if its as simple as 50 years after the broadcast of the very first episode. So, is that the case?
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    News flash!

    What is the specific episode and shot you are referring to? From your more detailed response I think its clear you are playing a little bit here with technicalities, though. Yes, the camera may have technically gone slightly into a doorway, or you could clearly see something dressed up behind...
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    News flash!

    Do you mind if I ask your source? I'm pretty sure Bell in his book is pretty clear on the subject and I believe we've had posters here involved with the production who've said it never happened.
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    Did they run out of Lights

    That is confirmed in Bell's book but its more complicated than them wanting to save Bill Owen from traveling. They filmed on location that series first, with the plan being for studio scenes to be filmed later in the year. During a hiatus in location filming, Bell found out from someone at...
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    PC Coopers Divorce

    There is an episode somewhere where Cooper does indicate he's divorced, but that was when his partner was played by Tony Capstick, so earlier. They have an exchange where Cooper wants him to come over and Capstick declines. He says something along the lines of "divorce has really changed you"...
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    How about characters we dislike...or just cannot "connect" with ???????

    I think the final episodes of both the first two series have subtle "goodbye" elements to them because Clarke didn't know if the show would go on. So he makes sure to leave us knowing that the trio are just fine. Series one ends with "Hail Smiling Morn . . . ", which ends with them talking...
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    How about characters we dislike...or just cannot "connect" with ???????

    What saves Blamire is that here and there he shows he's actually fond of Compo. They argue but they both enjoy it, something that they admit. Compo even admits that when Blamire leaves and before Foggy is introduced.
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    How not to cry at funerals and fish

    In what way? I'm going by Alan Bell's book, where he says Clarke was given the go ahead to write the series even before Bell was told that. Andrew Vine's book says the cast and crew all knew that was almost certainly going to be the final series. So, I think we can pretty safely conclude...
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    How not to cry at funerals and fish

    "How Not to Cry" is a solid conclusion to the series and what Roy Clarke decided to do. So I'm ok with it. I do find myself thinking about how they filmed it a lot, though. Remember, Peter and Frank were studio only by then so scenes like when they are in the bus are interesting. In fact...