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    Poor George

    Get well soon George. :) :)
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    Remembrance Sunday

    We should never forget. I think the history of the both world wars should be permanently on the school curriculum. Not to perpetuate any ill feeling toward another land, but to teach the future generations how precious our liberties are, and how hard people fought to keep them. My neighbours...
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    happy birthday Minxie

    Sorry I missed it Minxie. Hope your day was great, despite the house sale falling through. Which opera are you seeing?
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    I wanted to live in a cottage with roses round the door and marry John Gregson. As for work, the only thing I knew was that I didn't want to work with sick people, people with learning disabilities or old people. And what do I do? Yep, you've guessed it. As a youngster I never thought I'd have...
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    Giving up your seat to a lady

    I agree with you all. The local youngsters hardly raise their eyes from their phones these days. If they are looking ahead they seem to be plugged in to an mp3 thingy. I know some lovely kids, but they appear to be outnumbered by the tribes of mute, vacant-eyed zombies wandering around Neath.
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    Little Big George

    He's beautiful, Minxie. Thank God, eh? Alls well with him and he looks a fab kid.
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    Little Big George

    Hows he doing now Minxie? Keeping well, I hope? :D
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    Keith and 98.6. Loved that song!
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    In the water

    Yes, Norm. Our heroes seemed to get soaked often! ;D
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    Clegg's house is for sale

    Can I come as Ivy please? I'd make us all buns!! Promise! :D
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    The Council

    Trust me Chris, we in Wales certainly remember the Liverpool corporation. I don't know where you are but yep, here in south Wales the new homes spread like wild fire. Also the flats. I can't believe how many sheltered housing developments have been built in this town in the past 10 years. I know...
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    September morn.

    Beautiful, John. Really lovely.
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    Last Month was a Record

    I've said it before, we can yap!!! ;D
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    Happy Birthday Paulinehill29

    Hope your birthday is going really well. :)
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    Happy Birthday Amos

    Happy Birthday!! ;D ;D ;D