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    Amazon Delivery Drivers

    I was in Tesco yesterday and a few weeks ago they took out 19 tills, I asked the lady serving me why they did that she said they'd done it in all large Tesco's so people would us the self service, I told her I didn't like doing that because it meant workers losing their jobs. She told me it...
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    Amazon Delivery Drivers

    I'd be mortified, we always stack our pots and clean round us before we leave, we have the kids going so its habit to them.
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    Amazon Delivery Drivers

    I've just bought eggs! It was cheaper getting the xbox delivered!
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    Amazon Delivery Drivers

    I had an xbox delivered yesterday, bought through Amazon delivered through dpd and cost £2 delivery.
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    Episodes that make you Wonder

    I often wonder how Marina get herself and her bike up a tree.
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    Black Friday

    I'm waiting for carpet cleaners to go on sale, much to my husband's horror I've asked for one for xmas. He thinks I should ask for something more personal but I'd rather have a carpet cleaner! And it has to be on sale too.
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    Amazon Delivery Drivers

    We usually get the same man, I think he's Polish, he's always really polite and friendly. I always give him good feedback. I certainly wouldn't want to deal with the general public for a job again, I've done that and people suck!
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    2023 calendar

    I have to go up and pick one up now, I can't register with my email address for some reason. We nipped up a few weeks ago to get one. If you have trouble next year let me know, I don't mind picking a couple up and posting them off. I usually go middle of October.
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    Preparing for winter

    Round his bannister
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    Driving Mr Clegg....

    He drove Howard's van in Big Day at Dream Acres.
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    Absent friends

    I know but don't have permission to share. I'm in touch with his daughter.
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    R.I.P. Hagrid

    He did a drama a few years ago, National Treasure, he was brilliant. We loved Cracker, he was great in everything he did.
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    New Brain anyone?

    Recycled would be cheaper.
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    Last Of The Summer Wine: An Appreciation

    I think by restarting now would be a mistake, mostly because the vast majority of the cast have past away. To introduces new characters would make it a totally different show. Roy Clarke can only ever be the writer of Summer Wine and with his advancing years he may not be as sharp as he was...
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    This was a hard-to-reach Location

    That's my guess too. That man has a whole in his trousers!