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    The music thread

    "And the moon shines bright as I rove at night To muse upon my charmer" Robert Burns
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    Creepy :oops:
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    The Trio have made a Album

    Never mind the wrinkles. Here's the ancient sex pistols
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    Wally Batty - Legend

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    Stewart Fell

    Summer Wine stuntman Stewart Fell's Wikipedia entry describes his involvement in multiple film and TV programmes but no mention of his work with the summer Wine series where he worked as a stuntman and stunt arranger in 27 episodes. In external links and references at the bottom of the page...
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    Nora Batty

    If you were a big drinker or a Tom fool you had no chance anyway
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    The doghouse beckons..

    He should have had a spell in solitary for that comment.
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    The doghouse beckons..

    Go directly to jail Howard. Do not pass go. Do not collect £200..
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    Sod's Law

    Sod has a lot to answer for..
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    Begin the Beguine

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    Bleep Bleep frustrating self service tills.

    The ones in our Supervalu chain definitely have a bit of an attitude. If you're a bit slow in bagging your groceries I swear I can hear an impatient tone like "would you please hurry to @#*@ up!"
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    The female form

    Marina probably thought that ladies man Howard needed a manual just as much as Cleggy..
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    I'll send for you

    Howard's Way (of letter writing)