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    A smeg toaster!

    This guy made his own Talkie
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    A smeg toaster!

    I just realised that it was David Ross who provided one of the voices of Talkie Toaster, bus driver in How not to Cry at Weddings
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    Aunties Prices #6

    I'm not at all sure Terry, just a guess.
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    Aunties Prices #6

    Is Jeremy Quite Safe?
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    Foggy's house

    Foggy actually lived in a foxhole. For a break every year he took a little slit trench for a week in the country :rolling:
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    Football Fans

    In a somewhat similar vein I remember Tony Adams of Arsenal trying to lift teammate Steve Morrow over his head when he scored the winning goal in a cup final, breaking Morrow's arm in the process. Adams nickname was The Donkey..:eyesroll:
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    Summer Wine Limericks

    Very good Roger :37:
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    Summer Wine Limericks

    A man sat on Westminster bridge His legs they dangled in the water. Longfellow.
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    Robert Fyfe

    I think the age debate is just silly, now especially. I see it happening on our Facebook group, people arguing with each other over his age, as if it mattered.
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    Robert Fyfe

    Robert Fyfe: Last of the Summer Wine actor dies at 90 - BBC News Rest in Peace Robert. Very sad news.
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    Hello Everyone

    Welcome Dan :17:
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    The goat and pig in Just a Quiet Drink
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    The music thread

    Following on from my Sandy Denny post, I found this Late Late Show recording from 1984 with Phil Lynott fronting a folk group, performing a Tribute to Sandy Denny, written by members of that group Clann Eadair Phil Lynott & Clann Eadair - A Tribute To Sandy Denny (The Late Late Show_1984) - YouTube