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    Name Dropping

    Wally: Before she'd marry me, I had to make meself more attractive. And like a fool, I did. Clegg: You can't go tampering with nature, Wally. Wally: Just a bit of solid Brilliantine. The Odd Dog Men.
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    Can you name an episode where???

    Ireland is mentioned in Hail Smiling Morn, "Dodge city with Guinness"
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    The music thread

    I saw Judas Priest in Dublin in 1979, a memorable day.
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    Amazon Delivery Drivers

    I get the same three drivers and get my deliveries no later than 4PM usually.
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    The music thread

    Had to share this:D
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    The music thread

    I don't think any artist (apart from Kanye West:fp: ) would think that their interpretations are ever going to outdo the classics they cover, I'm sure it's never the goal. For me it's just appreciation for the high standards set by artists they admire. I'm sure Springsteen's legions will...
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    Winceyette pyjamas.

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    The music thread

    The forthcoming Springsteen album, Only the Strong Survive includes songs popularised by Frank Wilson, Jackie Shane, Jimmy Ruffin and the Walker Brothers.Also this great cover of The Commodores Nightshift.