I'm divorced with 3 children, live in Southport (same as Jean Alexander) and work for a local authority).
In the 90's whilst working for a charity I persuaded Bill Owen to become the patron and Bill invited me over to interview him and watch filming - the hillside motorbike scenes from 'One in a Moonlit Junkyard' (I had previously been on set at the invitation of Sarah Thomas and Juliette Kaplan where I had been able to watch filming from 'Ordeal by Trousers' and various picnic scenes).
Bill introduced me to the Summer Wine Appreciation Society and I was invited to join their executive committee as researcher. I then became a regular on set and got to know the cast and crew very well.
After appearing on TV quiz GoldMaster (answeing questions on Summer Wine) I was asked by Alan if I would like to appear as a drunk in 'There Goes The Groom', needless to say I leapt at the chance. I went on to make numerous appearances over the years including the hiker in 'Lot No. 8' and man at bus stop who nearly gets run over by shopping trolley in 'Clandestine Trailbike'. Favourites though have to be a mourner at Compo's funeral, part of the "See Ya Compo" message on the hillside (I was in letter S), and standing at the bar talking to Trevor Bannister and sat at the back of the bus in the very final episode. The back of my head was also used in this episode to double for Peter and I once had to don coat and hat to double as Truly of the Yard. They were marvellous happy years, so sad they had to end.
Jan 21, 1968 (Age: 55)
Southport, England


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