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    Dressing up Compo.

    Sam's suit after getting him home from Lily Bless Hers, then back to Lily and back home again only not quite....
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    Dressing up Compo.

    The Suit that Turned Left!
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    Nora Batty

    After unsuccessful flirtations with Cyril Brindley and wistful Errol Flynn designs on Billy Hardcastle she could always turn the tables on Compo and start making him feel uncomfortable instead for a while until eventually he warms to the idea. By which time she decides to remain true to Wally.
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    Dedicated follower of Fashion.

    Glenda heard rumours this was Barry's latest hobby to replace Golf for the umpteenth time, thankfully it was just Cobblers!
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    Where did Ivy cook?

    Things to serve in Sid/Ivy/Crusher's cafe... Sticky Buns Duo Cream Slice and Vanilla slice side by side Scones for aspiring horror actors that nearly knew Pavarotti Weak tea Saucers for drinking sa A plate of alphabeti spaghetti that spells around the plate Y O R K S H I R E (and if you take a...
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    Summer Wine Decanted

    "A Splash of Summer Wine", "Barmpots and others I've cared about" "3 men and more than a Mangle" "Wining and moaning."
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    Ist or 2nd Foggy Era

    Let's see now... ...first Foggy era had the awkwardness of a combined trio that somehow stuck together compared with a later grouping that felt natural and dare I say it comfortable together. ...first Foggy had Corporal Dewhirst feeling like a fish out of water and a need to distinctly improve...
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    Comedy Crossovers

    says Amos Hames 2 :D
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    50 Golden Summers Celebration Weekend (26-28 May)

    Brilliant, well done you!
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    Long Gone TV shows

    The Misfit Mann's Best Friends Potter A trio of largely forgotten programmes
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    Summer Wine Decanted

    Who's he? Unless you mean Roy Barraclough - who wasn't playing Alec Gilroy or even Cissie - he was Crowcroft of a certain challenge!
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    Whos this.

    'Cr**er' for connoisseurs of the lower end of seventies comedy films of an adult nature too.
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    Summer Wine Decanted

    Title for this one would have been 'Much more than Extra extras!'