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    RIP Tom Owen

    Gone far too soon but he ensured his father's legacy lasted right through to the end. RIP.
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    Dame Thora Hird

    Another fantastic piece she was in was 'Lost for Words' - an absolutely wonderful performance from start to finish - my advice to bring a hankie to your viewing tho.
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    Your top 10 favourite characters...

    Compo Clegg Seymour Truly Nora Foggy Sid Smiler Aunty Wainwright Edie
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    You can prove anything with statistics...

    ...60% of people know that. Here's some interesting statistics that may prove useful springboards for expanded discussion elsewhere...[source IMDB] Peter Sallis appeared in every single episode [probably known by all anyway however.... Howard only appeared in 15 episodes fewer than Nora! Pearl...
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    Last of the Summer Wine: 30 Years of Laughs - Channel 5

    For me it was a worthwhile effort with some glaring inaccuracies - some talking heads were on the bizarre side and others were sublime - a real mixed bag but seeing as it was probably cobbled together in the worst excesses of the pandemic I can forgive it's general style and presentation. I'd...
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    "Who's That With Barry, Wesley and Glenda?"

    It would explain her sheer enthusiasm for someone never referred to before, during or since! :D
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    "Who's That With Barry, Wesley and Glenda?"

    *another Utterthwaite I mean, I don't think we ever saw any other Pegdens on the show other than Wesley, Edie and for a brief time Glenda!
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    "Who's That With Barry, Wesley and Glenda?"

    On rewatching the magificent in so many ways episode that is Last Post & Pigeon t'other day I noticed at Roz's homecoming there appears to be another lady with Barry, Wesley and Glenda that is never identified - yet another Pegden? Perhaps they used to breed more than Simmonites!
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    50 Years of Summer Wine...

    Yes, 1973 not 1973 was the debut of our erstwhile trio. Mea Culpa. Gives us much more time to plan and be Covid secure tho which is great. My username is my petname from my former Shanghainese fiancée - it's a combination of my real name, Robin, and Mashimaro - a Korean animation of a rather...
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    50 Years of Summer Wine...

    In January it will mark 50 years since the pilots transmission. Early thoughts at this stage but does anyone fancy a meetup weekend in Holmfirth to mark the occasion in some way next year?
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    Character's last names

    I'm sure that he calls her Aunty Ivy at least once.
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    Character Titles

    Nice one, it consolidates Barry's second place tally to double figures at 10 but still not trumping Mr H Sibshaw at 13, if we we really want we can include 'Just Pearl' to give his missus one [Stop sniggering] as well. :D
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    Alvin & Stella

    In belated reply yes I am a fan of Red Dwarf both 'classic' and the new stuff on Dave. Upstart Crow is very Blackadder like indeed and enjoyable for many of the same reasons. One day they're have Blackadder II and Baldrick pop by briefly I'm sure ;)
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    Character Titles

    After doing a long trawl I came up with the following as a list of definite titles that have main characters names in. Some that were excluded include the likes of The Man from Oswestry, That Certain Smile or even Enter the Hawk where the character is alluded to but not named. "Who's That...
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    Am I missing Something

    Sometimes a few showed up on Aunties Bloomers and the like and also on the 25/30 years documentaries. The one that springs to mind is Brian Wildes exquisitely timing for needing a 'much sharper knife!'