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    Sid's cafe is !!!!

    The metal tables and chairs that are normally close to Sid's entrance were placed much further out, very close to Beattie's wood-look tables and chairs. I wondered if Sid's owner had loaned them to Beattie's to deal with overcrowding, or if Sid's entrance ramp is in the process of being...
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    COVID Vaccine.

    I was so relieved when the hair salons reopened here in New York State! My very short retro Eton crop had grown out to an unmanageable mop, but with "possibilities". My stylist and I are still working on a new, manageable style, and we're nearly there.
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    Travel to Homfirth

    Not to mention the single-lane roads with passing places, requiring the ability to reverse accurately.
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    Picture test

    Got it. Opened it. Recognized it.
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    Travel to Homfirth

    There are only two airlines serving the airport closest to my home, Allegiant to Orlando or Clearwater-St. Petersburg, and Delta to Detroit. From Detroit, Delta and its partner airlines fly all over the world. Delta's economy class fare to MAN is a couple of dollars lower than to LHR. There used...
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    Travel to Homfirth

    Must you fly into London? When my destinations are north of around Birmingham and south of the Scottish highlands, I fly into Manchester, even though that requires an additional change of planes. For ease of transit through an intermediate airport, I prefer Amsterdam. I have never attempted to...
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    Walk in showers

    Peri- On a serious note, is anything like this configuration available in Great Britain? These are very expensive, but I was tempted while recovering from my shoulder joint replacement surgery and the home care occupational therapist insisted that I try using a...
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    The age gap between us " Summerwiners" !!!

    I, too, will be 77 this year. In addition to having chosen my parent's wisely, I credit the laughter that the show gives me with keeping me young.
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    Hello Everyone

    Welcome from south central upstate New York. I look forward to enjoying your posts.
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    Hello all

    Welcome, AJM, from south central upstate New York. I, too, enjoy both First and Last of the Summer Wine, even though FOTSW has an undertone of impending war throughout, created by the month and year display at the start of each episode. We can't avoid knowing what's waiting in the near future...
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    Members, how did you get here

    I did a web search for the release date of the next Region 2 DVD set (but can't remember which seasons I was looking for), and an earlier version of this forum was among the retrieved records. I applied for membership and have never looked back.
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    COVID Vaccine.

    While your immune system is working at full bore to develop those antibodies, your body won't have any energy to spare, so plan to sleep through the process. That process will probably cause a very short-term low-grade fever, too, so you might want to take a couple of paracetamol before you get...
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    How do you watch yours????

    When the snow is ankle deep, so can't walk outside, I sometimes walk on my treadmill while watching. That can be hazardous, though, when a laugh catches me unawares, making me weak in the knees.
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    How do you watch yours????

    Certainly! To the point at which I copied the DVDs to my computer, then used video converter software to convert to a format that could be stored on and viewed from USB drives. Before copying to the USBs, I arranged the episodes in order as broadcast, divided into files by date of introduction...
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    How do you watch yours????

    I watch one episode each evening to start relaxing. Since I'm extremely methodical, I view the episodes strictly in the order in which they were broadcast.