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    Gentle Comedies

    Just to be different, I prefer SOAH over OAH. In OAH, Granville's character seemed just silly, rather than young. In SOAH, his character was believable, and so was Leroy's — both were age-appropriate.
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    Wow! I wish the (non-)system here in the States were that efficient. I've waited months for the only orthopedic surgeon in my region who does my needed highly specialized surgery to repair a torn hip muscle to have an opening in his schedule. He operates only in a hospital in the next state...
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    Holmfirth webcam

    Me included, up until November 2019. Hope to resume annual 1-week visits in late 2023. The term isn't used in this region of the US (can't speak for the entire country because it's so diverse), but I understand it anyway. I'm a member of the Holmfirth Facebook group. Once when I referred to the...
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    Holmfirth webcam

    I've found the contact at Virtual Huddersfield quite resentful and rude about viewers from outside the area using their bandwidth, so I gave up on them. The new owner of Beatties is much more responsive. This morning, the webcam is working as advertised, after a few days of having been frozen.
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    Holmfirth webcam

    The 10-second refresh is not working big time! The same image has been up for at least 48 hours.
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    Holmfirth webcam

    The web cam is in the window of Beattie's Deli. Were you there or were you in the café?
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    Holmfirth webcam

    Probably because nobody has sent a screen shot of the current, days-old, image to the café owner's Facebook Message page. Ordinarily, I'd do it, but he's probably fed up with hearing from me.
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    Brian's condition

    Best wishes for a full recovery.
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    Where to stay in Holmfirth area ?

    Have you checked The Rooms at The Nook? Or for a bit more upscale (and further out) The Boshaw Trout? That's formerly the Bay Horse. I've stayed for up to a week at a time at The Rooms at The Nook, and enjoyed it, especially the location, but I'm accustomed to university residences and an...
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    How odd

    I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!
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    How odd

    I prefer Oatibix, so strongly that I buy them from an importer of British foods. They're unavailable and unknown in the States, at least in this region. Weetabix is available in the most expensive of the local supermarkets, but there's never very much in stock, and it's often out of stock.
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    Our friend has gone

    So sorry for your loss, Peri.
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    Interesting, just posted on YouTube

    I was close, but no cigar. I must have read in one of the books that I mentioned that he said "Not my name" in conversation with another actor about gravestone inscriptions.
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    Michael Aldrich's former house

    I don't have any idea. The local newspapers are both defunct, and that was where I used to see real estate ads. That at least gave me an idea of local asking prices. I never paid attention to the US as a whole. It's just too big and too diverse to draw general conclusions.
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    Interesting, just posted on YouTube

    I have read, I believe in Andrew Vine's or Alan Bell's book, that in this case "n.m.n" stands for "not my name". It's from one of the shows in the first Foggy series in which the trio was lounging in a graveyard. One of the other two asked Compo what he wanted on his gravestone. He replied, "Not...