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    Amazon Delivery Drivers

    Here in the US, at least in my region, Amazon has a contract with the Postal Service for package delivery. It places an extra workload on the Letter Carriers but on the other hand, it guarantees business for the Postal Service at a time when letter mail is nearly vanishing due to electronic...
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    Episodes that make you Wonder

    You're right. Canal boat tow ropes are attached partway back along the side of the boat. I can't remember how far back though. Many thanks to a couple of HF Holidays British canal history holidays for that factoid.
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    Daisy Lane

    I believe they might be the ones facing the Shelduck Cottage terrace. A few years ago, the Cornerhouse Cafe property, including the associated residence(s), was on the market, so there were lots of photos of the residence and the garden, as well as of the cafe. I was never certain how many rows...
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    Daisy Lane

    To explore the interior of the St Anne's Square property, see Shelduck Cottage at Ignore the photos of the swimming pool. That is apparently on another property, but accessible to Shelduck Cottage tenants.
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    1st Class

    The only one I can think of offhand was "According To The Prophet Bickerdyke", but I just checked the video and found that the scene I was thinking of was set just a little way up the street. This building and it's Post Box weren't seen at all. Now I've run out of ideas!
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    RIP Tom Owen

    Several newspapers with online editions covered Tom's death, some with more background about his life and career than others. At only 73, he was much too young!
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    Dog breeds of LOTSW episodes

    I've heard people in England describe very slender person as "thin as a whippet." The implication was that they didn't look very healthy.
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    New Fan to Summer Wine

    I admire anyone who can fall as often as Compo did without breaking any bones.
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    Jolly old English gentlemen falling down

    Welcome, Eli. Is your tag as in "Eli's coming. Hide your heart"? I really liked Three Dog Night. Hadn't thought about them in years, but now that song is running through my head.
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    Series Three (1976) Episode Reviews

    A bit of trivia in the context of this thread: the Hogarth Press (owned by Leonard and Virginia Woolf) published the first UK edition of The Wasteland, but when Eliot brought them Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats, they thought he had lost his mind!
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    Is this another Con by Auntie

    Quite off topic, but seeing Auntie's shop reminded me of Arkwright's. I was exploring Keswick (virtually) the other day, and saw this on St John's Street.
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    Series Three (1976) Episode Reviews

    It's also the birthplace of the novelist Barbara Pym. I read her novels when I need to relax; they're wonderfully soothing.
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    Hello Newbie here

    Greetings, Simon. I hope you enjoy the site and the folks who post on it.
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    Bad digs in Manchester.

    I usually fly into Manchester Airport from the US, and spend a few nights in a budget hotel near Piccadilly rail station. I can't imagine the misery of bad digs in Manchester, but I quite like Greater Manchester for its history. It's the home of the Co-operative Wholesale Society, with it's...
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    Brian Murphy (Alvin Smedley) is 90 Today

    I enjoyed Alvin's character, too. I've never seen any of the other shows that he appeared in - they weren't shown on my local PBS station.