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    Happy Birthday, Pearl

    Happy Birthday, Pearl! Have a great day and remember to count your blessings. Nancy
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    Father Brown is Back ! !

    I love Father Brown - the new one.
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    Local PBS Station

    Our local PBS station started showing Summer Wine Saturday. It hasn't been on in many years so I was excited. I was especially excited as the info said it was the pilot episode. I've never seen it and had hubs quickly set the DVR to record it. Well, it was "Return of the Warrior" and not the...
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    A Young Michael Aldridge

    I also saw a young Michael not too long ago. It might have been "The Avengers".
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    From Special Appearance to Regular Cast Member

    I can only say that I am glad they made Billy Hardcastle a regular as he became a favorite of mine. Nancy
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    Happy Birthday Cornishman

    Another Happy Belated Birthday from me. I was too busy thinking about my Not Birthday wishes. Shame on me! Hope it was great, Tony. Nancy
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    Not Happy Birthday

    I will be there one of these days. Sooner than I care to admit. Nancy
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    Not Happy Birthday

    I can understand picking Jan. 1 for the birthday, but how did they come up with the age? Happy News Year anyway is right! Nancy
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    Cats and Computers

    Tiger, Smokey and Miranda resent your "Damned Cat" remark. Nancy
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    Not Happy Birthday

    I just received a birthday wish from the forum. Not sure how it came about that birthday is tomorrow and I'm 65. It is actually June 18 and I'm not 65. It was a nice gesture no matter the date. Nancy
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    Happy New Year from HQ

    May everyone here have a happy and blessed New Year! Nancy
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    Cats and Computers

    Yes! My husband's cat used to bug me in the evening as soon as I sat down at the computer. She would threaten to jump on top of the desk where the oil lamps are, etc. She has pretty much given up as we have a new kitten that she wishes would disappear.
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    New Years Resolution

    My only semi resolution is to put a dent in my probably over 800 unread books on my shelves. Not just by reading but also by not buying more than one book a month for the next year. That will start as soon as I make another trek to the neighbor's estate sale. Her mother had over 3,000 books...
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    Film The Interview

    I agree with your reviews of the movie, but I seriously doubt it was a publicity stunt. It should not have been made to begin with. In bad taste.
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    Wanted please?

    One must always be prepared. Nancy