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    Sid's cafe is !!!!

    Or perhaps "Coffee at the Cafe - but only outdoors". One for the ladies I think!
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    Spotted This in the Pilot Episode

    Isn't there a car park outside the building they used for the library? The same thing happens in Some Enchanted Evening, and possibly in other early episodes too. Just an observation, but when the library is seen in some of the later episodes when Foggy, or Miss Davenport are there, the...
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    Reg Numbers #63

    Thanks maltrab.
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    Summer Wine A-Z Game

    DENNIS Gunnershaw
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    Reg Numbers #63

    Edie's Triumph as seen in later episodes. If I'm not mistaken, Beware of the Hot Dog was one.
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    Second jab

    True, we do need a medal, but as they are in short supply, I think we should hand them out to the front line and key workers such as the NHS, Police and paramedics. They are far more deserving than us mere mortals.
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    We know what it is with our eyes closed [thank you Mr Hazelhurst !!!]

    Also, not forgetting Seymour's tune.
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    Second jab

    Didn't you get your passport at the first jab? Our family all did. We had the first part filled in and were told to bring it to the second jab to ensure we got the same type of vaccine the second time. We were also advised to carry it around with us as proof we had had a vaccine. Dad's having...
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    We know what it is with our eyes closed [thank you Mr Hazelhurst !!!]

    Isn't there a little tune to that accompanied Howard and Marina on their bicycles a few times? Also the string quartet style violins when we go into Edie's house for a coffee morning.
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    Reg Numbers #58

    That was my first though too Glenda. Are we right?
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    Reg Numbers #54

    Howard's van from Nowhere Particular?
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    jokes bad or otherwise.

    I hope nobody minds, but a joke involving Ken Dodd that I heard today from comedian John Thomson. Two men were in a theatre waiting to see a Ken Dodd show and one says to the other: "What's the difference between Ken Dodd and a coconut? - You can get a drink out of a coconut." "Oi, I heard...
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    Reg Numbers #53

    Who's looking after the cafe? The car they chased Wesley's Land Rover in when Wesley unknowingly had Compo on the roof.
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    Summer Rain

    I did check that up. It very well could have been raining as it doesn't always show on the camera. I thought I could hear it raining, but it may have just been the sound of the water under the bridge where they were standing.
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    Cast Remembered

    After a quick search for "Holme Valley reservoirs" Google maps showed quite a few.